October 12, 2017

Guaranteed Purchase


Guaranteed 20 Years Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with a New Feed-in Tariff

In 2006 in order to promote, encourage and facilitate the development of renewable energy in Iran, TAVANIR combined the Bureau of Electricity and the Deputy Office of New Energies to form SUNA (The Renewable Energy Organization of Iran). SUNA is now responsible for all planning, policy, promotion, legislation and financial agreements for renewable energy in Iran. In July 2015 SUNA began to act as an off-taker and purchase all electricity generated from renewable sources in Iran under guaranteed 20 year power purchase agreements (PPA) and a new feed-in tariff.

The current feed-in tariff and its USD and Euro equivalents can be seen below. It is a sign of the country’s gathering support for renewable energy that the tariff is significantly longer and at higher prices than previous years.